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In Search of the Mountain of God: The Discovery of the Real Mt. Sinai by Robert Cornuke and David Halbrook Hardcover - $3 + shipping
Armed with their courage, their determination, their wits and a Bible, Robert Cornuke and Larry Williams embarked on a journey to confirm the Bible as historically accurate. In the process they discovered not only their goal but a faith strengthened by the evidence. "When I stood on those scorched rocks, my life was changed at that moment," Cornuke would later recall. Sneaking across borders, crawling into forbidden military installations, and using night vision goggles to avoid being detected, these men pursued their mission.

What Would Jesus Eat?: The Ultimate Program for Eating Well, Feeling Great, and Living Longer by Don Colbert Hardback - $4 + Shipping
Though there are many diet programs claiming to be "God's way" to healthy living, and while some of them are based on biblical principles, and even have proven effective for weight loss, What Would Jesus Eat? is the first to note the obvious health benefits of what Jesus ate. In this comprehensive program.

The church and the Jews: The biblical relationship by Daniel Gruber Paperback - $3 + shipping

God's Appointed Times A Practical Guide for Understanding and Celebrating the Biblical Holidays by Barney Kasdan Paperback - $2 + shipping
The biblical holy days are not just for Jews. Christians, too, can receive the blessing of these glorious days, the greatest object lessons in the Bible. God gave each day to teach his people about him and his relationship to them. From the Sabbath, which pictures eternity, to the popular holiday, Hanukkah, mentioned by name only in the gospel of John, the special times were set apart to bless the people of God.

Take Hold: Embracing Our Divine Inheritance in Israel by Richard Berkowitz and Michele Berkowitz Paperback - $4 + shipping

They Loved the Torah: What Yeshua's First Followers Really Thought about the Law by David Friedman Paperback - $3 + shipping
Even though many Jews believe that Paul taught against the Law, this book disproves that notion. Most Christians are disconnected from the Torah; reading this book will reconnect them. Dr. Friedman Makes an excellent case. 144 pages

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