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Shadow Over Glacier Pointe by Sarah Anderson
The quiet village of Glacier Pointe, home town to Emma Gates, famous children's author, suddenly becomes the target of an unknown terrorist. Emma, still recovering from the loss of her husband in the Iraqi War, must run for her life from a sinister person who seems determined to kill her and destroy the small historical town on the American prairie. Aided by the local sheriff, FBI, CIA and friends and a stubborn determination and faith, Emma meets the challenge of the shadow of fear that has come to Glacier Pointe.

Experiencing the Big X by Mark David Smith
'The Big X' refers to the large scale actual event that happened through about 80% of the first five books of the bible or in other words ‘The Big Exodus’! The title, Experience the characters in our story and how they lived through the ten plagues and right up to leaving for their promised land.

The Salter Home Sabbath Treasury
The Sabbath manual has gone through a few revisions over the years. This latest is more cosmetics than substance. The manual has been incorporated into a new series called "The Salter Treasury." Each item in the series has the title of The Salter Treasury plus the addition of the topic of the item. In this case it is the Home Sabbath Services. The Sabbath Manual has been our best seller from it's inception some 15 years ago. Originally written for the Salter family over 20 years ago, it contained a mere 15 pages and contained only the Friday night service. Soon the Saturday services were added as well as the Havdalah service.

The Genius of Ancient Man - Edited by Don Landis

All over the world there are similar findings of ancient religions, cities and towers, world travel, advanced astronomy, and civilized government. Over the course of two years, a team of researchers from Jackson Hole Bible College has worked to bring together the different pieces of the convoluted mystery and history of ancient man.

Survival Planning for Simpletons by Renee Ellison

Do you get discouraged, knowing that you need to prepare somehow, but feel overwhelmed at those big fat emergency preparation books?  Here, at last is a simple guide for simpletons, to help you get prepared quickly.  It does the thinking for you.  Learn the four steps of emergency preparation, apply them, and presto, job done. Contains bug-out bag lists and home prep lists as well as the vital why’s of preparation.  Save yourself hundreds of hours trying to find out all this research yourself.

Kindle file size: 786KB.  Approximately 44 letter-size pages. Published July, 2013.  

Vivid Hues: Books 1, 2, 3, & 4 by Errol Wayne Anderson

A fictitious, four book series about race relations and terrorism in the southern regions of the United States as it emanates from the Middle East. You will read every page as though you watched it on the news last night. From prostitutes to the President of the United States of America, each character will take on a new understanding in how they fit into the scheme of terrorism and your neighbor living next door. Vivid Hues is a book about human races. The title is from a speech given by Ronald Reagan, ...when speaking, " Paint in Vivid Hues, not in pale pastels."

A Little Book of Poetry by Sarah Anderson

An excerpt: ‘Daisies’

All flowers are beautiful, for sure - The regal Gladiolas, the Rose demure

Mighty Sunflowers in a sun baked trance

But Daisies are the happiest - 'Cause they like to dance

You only see them in a bunch  or  group - Performing like a ballet troupe

In sunny fields, they dance with delight - Like ballerinas in tutus of white…

Honoring God with My Life by Miriam Nadler

Do you want to live a life of true satisfaction and reward? In this expositional study on Titus 2:3-5, you will discover how to live a life according to God's calling and His design. Whether you are younger or older, you can fulfill your Divine purpose and calling as a woman, wife, mother, and friend. You will enjoy meeting women of the Bible like Hannah, Abigail, Lydia, and Tabitha who serve as an example to us. This book is meant not only to help you to grow and mature in qualities from Titus 2:3-5, but to equip you to mentor and disciple other women. 232 Pages.

Establishing Healthy Messianic Congregations by Sam Nadler
Messianic congregations have sprung up in the last century as part of the renewal of the Jewish testimony to Yeshua. As such, they are centers for worship, instruction, fellowship, and proclaiming the Good News of Messiah. But ... what does it take to get one started? What does a healthy Messianic congregation actually do? How in their activities do they glorify Messiah? What is required to be called a congregation? It is easy to focus on externals and surface matters, but in reality Messianic congregations are manifestations to God’s calling in the world. All who are called by the name of Messiah are called to help build up the local congregation. Here is a practical guide to planting and establishing of healthy communities which proclaim God’s faithfulness to Israel and the nations.

The Messianic Answer Book E-Book

Messianic Foundations by Sam Nadler
Not more than four millennia ago, the Creator of the Universe brought a particular people into existence, and His calling upon this people remains for His Name’s sake. Embedded in this calling from the beginning was God’s plan to redeem all the Nations as well. Whether Jewish or Gentile, you are called to represent God’s character and faithfulness in the world. The biblical foundations necessary to sustain sound movement of God in this generation are presented in this book including: God’s Love for Israel and You; Why the Good News is to the Jew First; Why there must be Messianic congregations; The Olive tree; The fullness of the Gentiles; Our unique unity in Messiah; The New Covenant and Messiah’s torah and more.

PEACE IN JERUSALEM But the battle is not over yet! by Charles Gardner
New Books, E-Books - HERE IS A MIDDLE EAST PEACE PROCESS THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE POLITICIANS OR BUREAUCRATS! A behind-the-scenes, real Middle East peace process in which Arabs, Palestinians, and Jews--spiritual leaders--from all over the Middle East came to Jerusalem in spite of adversity and danger to worship together, pray for each other, and tell their stories--all reported by seasoned British journalist, Charles Gardner.

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